Tips For Dealing With A Child Who Lies At Daycare

The best daycare operators, such as those at A Place to Grow, are quick to share valuable information with you about your child — often in person when you pick the child up at the end of the day, but occasionally by phone call or text message. Ideally, you'll often hear that the child is doing well, but the daycare operator may occasionally identify some areas in which your child needs to make improvements. One issue that you might hear about is your child's honestly — or, more aptly, their lack thereof. Many children lie to various degrees, but it's ideal for parents to curb this behavior quickly. Here are some tips on helping your child to make this change.

Demonstrate How It Feels

Lying is never good for a child, and can be especially problematic in the daycare environment. A child who lies may create conflicts with their peers. A group of children may be less than keen to play with your child if he or she has frequently lied to them. You can gently show your child how it doesn't feel good when someone lies to him or her. For example, you might tell the child about something fun — perhaps that you're going out for pizza tonight — and then, a short while later, reveal that this was untrue. Ideally, this lesson — especially if you go through it a few times — will show your child how lying doesn't feel good.

Explain The Consequences

You can definitely tell your son or daughter how when he or she lies to other children at daycare, they might start to lie back. You shouldn't be afraid of detailing the other consequences of lying. Use the famous parable of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," as this can be a good way of explaining to your child that someone who frequently says things that aren't truth can begin to lack credibility among their peers.

Use Some Discipline

You may also want to discipline your child in an appropriate manner — especially if you've worked on the above two strategies with little to no success. Gentle and loving discipline can be effective for learning lessons. For example, you might take away some of the child's privileges, such as getting together with friends on the weekend, until the lying habit appears to no longer be an issue. Don't shy away from asking the daycare operator to keep you informed about how your child has been acting in this regard.